Welcome to Autostore.

Whether you have a Fiat or a Ferrari, a Peugeot or a Porsche, our aim is to make your car ownership experience easier. From our core business of secure car storage, which started in 1994, we have grown and added an impressive collection of motoring services all under one roof, and all on a single freehold site which we own outright, meaning that when you collect your car from us, all you have to do is enjoy it.


Every member of the team here at Autostore is a car enthusiast and, with qualifications in engineering, design and business as well as many years of experience, we have the skills and know-how to back up that enthusiasm. Combining this with a facility where no expense has been spared ensures that we can care for your car to the highest standards.


We are located at a discrete, secure site on the southern outskirts of Cambridge with excellent access to the M11, A1M and A14 as well as having mainline train stations for London and elsewhere within 5-10 minutes drive.


Please browse our website to see everything that we can offer and we look forward to discussing your needs should you wish to contact us.

Jonathan Sturgess





Our core business is indoor car storage and our purpose built, modern warehouses, to which a 100 car capacity extension was added last year, currently provide high security storage for over 400 cars, with further expansion planned in 2020.


We cater for owners based either in the UK or overseas, whether you have a vast collection or a single car, whether the vehicle is a rapidly appreciating asset that is rarely used, or a more regular car that you simply don’t have space for at home but to which you may would require frequent access. 


We operate a flexible attitude to ensure you receive the best possible service with the least inconvenience.

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Standard Storage

£30 per week

(Approx £130 per month)


  • Dry indoor storage in clean, modern warehouses.

  • Four week minimum storage term.

  • Includes storage insurance up to £50k. Higher vehicle values by quotation. 

  • Wash and vacuum, tyre pressure and battery life check prior to storage.

  • Drop off / collection service to and from local train stations.

  • Vehicle covered with polyethylene sheeting or customers own cover (once fully dry) and battery disconnected. Fitted soft car covers and Ctek battery conditioners are available to purchase. 

  • 24hr notice required to remove a car from storage.

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Dehumidified Storage

£37 per week

(Approx £160 per month)


As 'Standard Storage' plus:

  • Storage in our insulated, temperature and humidity controlled warehouse with 50-55% all year round relative humidity.

Autostore price 2.jpg

Premium Storage

£46 per week

(Approx £200 per month)

As 'Dehumidified Storage' plus:   

  • More space around your car. Optional use of customer supplied air chambers.

  • Includes storage insurance up to £100k. Higher vehicle values by quotation. 

  • Mini valet and multi point vehicle check prior to storage and each time the vehicle is returned.

  • Vehicle covered with one of our soft, fitted car covers (once fully dry) and battery connected to a Ctek battery charger.

  • Free MOT in our onsite workshop. Minimum storage term 6 months to qualify.

  • 4hr notice required to remove a car from storage

Storage process.

Upon arrival each car is thoroughly inspected and any damage or notable marks are logged and photographed. The MOT, tax expiry date and date of next service are noted on file. Protective covers are fitted to the seats, steering wheel and floor mats. At this point you can specify extra work which you may wish us to carry out while your car is in storage such as detailing, wheel refurbishment, PPF application or servicing, all of which we do on site meaning your car never has to leave our care. Standard storage cars undergo basic preparation, where the exterior is carefully washed and dried and premium storage cars are fully valeted. Tyre pressures and anti-freeze strength are checked and adjusted for storage, the vehicle sited in our indoor holding area for 24hrs to dry before being moved to its space, thus cleaning the brakes from any surface rust. Once sited the battery is disconnected or connected to a battery monitor and the vehicle is covered. During storage, all cars are inspected weekly for tyre deflation or fluid leakage, which will be rectified immediately and the owner notified with a request for further instructions to take corrective action. Cars on one of our monthly or bi-monthly dynamic storage plans are started, ran up to temperature and on dry days lightly excerceised in our yard or driven on a short circuit of local roads. As and when the MOT is nearing expiry we contact the owner with the aim of booking it into our own on site MOT testing station. We will give the car a pre-test inspection, reporting any relevant defects to you for instructions. Any post test rectification necessary will be carried out in good time for the car's return to you. When it comes time for your car to leave storage, its brought to our indoor handover area, fluids are checked and topped up and tyre pressures are returned to manufacture specification.

Our storage facility, security and insurance.

All storage is in purpose built, modern, weather tight, rodent controlled, high security buildings of fire-resistant and anti-intrusion construction, on a single site for optimised surveillance and security. The site is fully protected against intrusion, with enhanced perimeter security, by state of the art alarm systems and monitored CCTV, with direct links giving immediate Police and Fire response. The buildings are fully insurance approved for the storage of valuables. During its stay in our care, you should maintain Fire, Theft and Accidental Damage (storage cover) insurance for the vehicle with your Insurers. Should you prefer to cease your insurance, we shall be pleased to arrange suitable cover via our own Insurers at very competitive rates, which are probably lower than private customers would be quoted.

Autostore has full Motor Trade Insurance cover for ourselves and our employees liabilities towards your property while in our care or being transported by our staff.

Car taxation and registration.

An integral part of Autostore's service is to take the inconvenience of car documentation and bureaucracy out of your hands whilst we care for your car. If requested we'll do all that is necessary with the DVLA for you including taxing or declaring SORN. We are happy to help with registration of imported vehicles including arranging collection from shipping agents.

Extras tariff.

Dynamic Storage

  • Supply Ctek battery charger: Standard - from £40 / Lithium - £120
  • Stage 1 maintenance, start car, run up to temperature, lightly excercise brakes and transmission in our clean yard and check fluids - £22.50
  • Stage 2 maintenance, start car, run up to temperature, drive an 8 mile circuit of local roads using all gears and excercising brakes, test aircon, all motors, actuators and ancillary systems and check fluids - £35
  • Refuel - £at cost
Aditional In-store Service
  • Supply fitted soft car cover: Small - £125 / Medium - £140 / Large - £160
  • Tax vehicle / SORN declaration - £FOC
  • MOT testing in our on site MOT station including pre test inspection - £50
  • Mini valet, inc dressings and glass cleaning, when car is returned to storage - £20-£50
Collection, Delivery and Transportation
  • Transport to and from local train stations (KingsX or Liverpool St lines) - £FOC
  • Transport of owner to/from Heathrow - £120 (other airports by quotation)
  • Transport of owner to/from Stansted Airport or Luton Airport - £50
  • Collection/Delivery of car at Heathrow (driven, plus airport parking charges) - £135 (other airports by quotation)
  • Collection/Delivery of car at Stanstead Airport or Luton Airport (driven, plus airport parking charges) - £60
  • Collection/Delivery of car in the UK / Europe by our driver - £POA
  • Collection/Delivery of car in the UK / Europe by our covered transporter: (distances reckoned & charged from Cambridge) - £POA
  • Out of hours, weekend or bank holiday collection / delivery - £POA
Payment method: Cash, Cheque, Credit / Debit Card or Bank Transfer in any negotiable currency at the rate of exchange applying on the day of payment. All charges must be paid in full at the end of any storage period prior to vehicle removal.

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Bike / Boat / Caravan Storage

from £12 per week

(Approx £52 per month)


  • Motorbikes £12 per week. Larger items £POA

  • Includes storage insurance up to £25k. Higher values by quotation. 

  • Drop off / collection service to and from local train stations

  • Vehicle covered with polyethylene sheeting (once fully dry) and battery disconnected. Fitted soft covers and Ctek battery conditioners are available to purchase. 

  • 24hr notice required to remove a item from storage.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.



February 2020

Specialist Ferrari Servicing.

Our workshop has recently been undertaking several specialist servicing tasks on a range of Ferrari models...





Due to the nature of our business we are often asked to both source and sell vehicles on behalf of our clients and so early in 2015 we opened our new integrated showroom.

We can offer Sale-or-Return brokerage at very competitive rates, part exchange against any of our vehicles for sale or outright cash purchase.




We are happy to quote free of charge for any work that you might want carried out - you do not need to be a sales or storage customer for you to use the workshop, we also collect and deliver free of charge to the local area. 

Workshop labour rates are a reasonable £65 per hour +VAT


The workshop is open Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5:30pm and Saturday, 9am - 12pm and can be contacted directly on 01223 873007.


Our onsite workshop employs fully trained technicians, as well as trainee apprentices, and we can carry out all manner of repairs and restoration work as well as routine maintenance on all makes and models of cars. 


We have full diagnostic software/hardware for all vehicles including Ferrari, Pagani, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati etc. We also can carry out air conditioning repairs and servicing, including updating older systems to run with modern gas.

We have high quality Rotary ramps allowing very wide, heavy or low vehicles to be safely lifted and also a new MOT testing bay with a Hunter Hawkeye Elite laser wheel alignment system.




Drop off & Collection

For obvious security reasons we do not publish the address of our storage complex, but we welcome you to deliver and collect your vehicle personally. On these occasions, we can give full directions. We also give you a lift or collect you, at no charge, to or from local train stations (KingsX or Liverpool St lines). If preferred, we can arrange Car-Hire, Taxis etc and we are also happy to arrange transport to and from London's Airports.

We ask 24 hours notice to remove your car from standard storage to allow us to give it a final check before collection, but we realise that all plans are subject to last minute changes, and can generally make the car available the same day if necessary. If you wish to visit your car while in storage for inspection, or to discuss work you may have in mind, we always welcome the opportunity to meet owners, and only ask for a phone call first, for security reasons.

Autostore transport 2.jpg


Alternatively, we will come to you, and collect/deliver your car at home, office, airports or racetracks, either by one of our enclosed vehicle transporters or with one of our drivers, in both the UK and Western Europe.

We are fully insured for both transportation and road risks.


Helicopter transfers using our own four seat (inc. pilot) Robinson R44 can also be arranged with prior notice directly to/from our site.

Autostore helicopter.jpg

Paint Protection Film (PPF)





Our in house, custom built PPF studio is operated by Jules Sturgess Automotive.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 00.59.52.png

Product Features


The film, which is a thin, multi-layer material is the perfect way to protect your paint because it is virtually invisible when applied to the paintwork. It has near perfect optical clarity so will not change the colour of you paintwork. Moreover it does not yellow in, or inhibit UV light meaning the paint under the film will react to UV light in exactly the same way the unprotected parts of the car do (all paint will naturally slightly discolour and fade in direct sunlight over time). 

Personalised Fitment


The film is cut, on site, from computer generated templates provided by the film manufacturer to allow perfect fitment to the contours and panels of your car. 


These templates are not set in stone. In-fact Jules extends templates on nearly every installation so that the film can be wrapped into panels making it almost invisible. If your car is not included in our databases, we are happy to discuss a custom fitment or customised template for your individual needs. We have the equipment to produce proper templates and also work with classic cars, which are commonly not templated by the manufacturer.

We NEVER cut on the car.  

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 00.59.15.png

Please contact us at ppf@autostore.co.uk for further details, or visit www.julessturgessautomotive.co.uk






Our in house, custom built detailing studio is run by Nathan, Cambridge Autogleam.

web logo.jpg
Autostore detailing.jpg

At Autostore we take care care seriously, so we called upon the services of one of the UK's top detailers. 

Nathan has been detailing for over 13 years, and now bases his company full time at Autostore, meaning he can carry out one of his multi-day treatments while your car is with us for storage.

We can also arrange wheel refurbishing and paintless dent removal, either independently or in connection with a detailing package and all without the car ever leaving the security of our site.

Gtechniq Accredited.jpg

Nathan has a critical eye for detail. Using careful paint correction techniques and tried and tested protective coatings, he can produce and maintain a flawless finish. He is Gtechniq Accredited so sealants applied by him will be guaranteed for up to 9 years. Please contact us for further details or visit www.cambridgeautogleam.com

Autostore detailing 2.jpg



Autostore has been trading for over 20 years and has built up a worldwide international and domestic client base - private, corporate and with civil authorities, auctioneers etc. - for all types of vehicle storage and associated activities. We have recently moved to a new, self contained, purpose built storage facility with modern warehouses, extended last year to give over 65,000 square feet of storage, offering an expandable, high security capacity for over 400 cars. We also have a 5,000 square feet workshop featuring brand new, high quality equipment including an MOT test bay, 7 servicing ramps and diagnostic and servicing capabilities for all makes and models of vehicle including Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin etc.

We own our site outright, which gives added financial security to clients.

Jonathan Sturgess

Jonathan has always had a very keen interest in motor cars (and indeed anything mechanical). After gaining a Masters in Engineering, Jonathan took over management of Autostore and since then has built up an intimate knowledge of the prestige car market as well as supervising the expansion and technical development of the storage business. He has a love of cars ranging from his classic Fiat 500 to a bright red Ferrari 355.

Pawel Chwiedacz

Pawel (or Pav) is our storage and operations manager and is trained in all aspects of vehicle repair, excelling in welding. He also has a Degree in Business Management and is usually busy keeping track of the storage vehicles or managing the transportation element of the business. He is a keen car collector and is currently restoring a Fiat 124 Spider.

Autostore chris.jpg
Chris Ould

Chris is responsible for our media content here at Autostore. When not behind a camera you will find him assisting storage operations. Being a life long petrol head with a keen eye for detail he actually enjoys valeting incoming vehicles and is passionate about the cars he works with. When not working he is generally looking at parts for his beloved Mk2 Golf which he swears he will get back on the road.. one day! 

Simon Chapman

Simon is our workshop manager and with 13 years service is our longest serving member of staff. He holds a level 3 in light vehicle maintenance and repair and he is also our MOT test manager. As well as all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance, Simon is particularly handy with older BMW and Fords. He also has a love of Renaults, particularly sport models from the 1990's, but we don't hold that against him.

Stewart Sharp

Stewart is a fully qualified technician and certified MOT tester, having received an 'excellence' pass at level 3 automotive engineering vehicle fitting. As well as all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance, Stewart undertakes our larger jobs, specialising in Porsche and Ferrari. He has a particular attraction to all things VW.

Jake Mills

Jake is the newest addition to our team, holding a level 3 in light vehicle maintenance and repair. Jake did his apprenticeship on classic british layland cars and has carried out several full restorations on various marques. Like Stewart, he is a VW fan.

Jonathan Royle

Jonathan has over 20 years dealing experience in the prestige and performance car markets which includes 10 years working at Porsche. As a result of this, and his passion for high performance motor cars, he expertly manages the day to day running of our car sales department.

Julian Sturgess

Jules runs the PPF service under his own company 'Jules Sturgess Automotive' from our new purpose built, dust free, temperature controlled, PPF studio. He has a Degree in Industrial Design and also provides IT and CAD services to support the restoration and customisation side of Autostore's business, as well as manufacturing custom components in carbon fibre, stainless steel and other materials.. He is also a qualified race car instructor and provides clients with individual driver track training services as well as providing helicopter transport services as a qualified pilot. 

Nathan Willits

Nathan has been detailing some of the finest cars in the country for over 10 years and continues to run his own company 'Cambridge Autogleam' on the Autostore site from our purpose built, well lit, temperature controlled detailing studio. In addition to his own work, Nathan oversees the 

preparation of all of our sales cars and buyers can benefit from his expertise in applying Gtechniq or Gyeon coatings to protect their new acquisition. Nathan also looks after our website as well as having an active part in sourcing and selling.

Autostore is the trading name of Autostore Europe Ltd with company registration number 08155139 and registered office at 16 Union Road, Cambridge, CB2 1HE, England.








Storage: +44 (0) 1223 872879
Vehicle Sales: +44 (0) 1223 612052
Workshop: +44 (0) 1223 873007




We are located in the South East of England approximately 50 minutes North of London, 5 miles South of Cambridge and within easy reach of all major roads (A1, A10, M11). Please call for directions and appointments.